How to make a face palm (cry with eyes open)

1. Go in Front of Le Shop.

2. Make the Cry Emoticon

3. Immediately go inside Le Shop.

Now it looks like your doing a face palm 🙂

How to Type a Monkey in the Instant Messanger 

1. Open the Instant Messanger.

2. Type this exactly: That’s One Crazy Monkey

Now you made a dancing monkey!

How to Type in Wild Racer “PLEASE SELECT A PET”

1. Go to Pet Town and play Wild Racer Single Player.

2. Highlight “PLEASE SELECT A PET”.

3. Press Backspace/Delete on your keyboard.

4. Type whatever you want(:

How to keep someone in your barn!

1. Have somebody go inside your barn. You have to stay out.

2. Click Home Options and select Nobody.

3. You trapped someone in you barn!

*Be nice and let him/her out sometime o:

*Best Fantagian Prank lol(:

How to Type “friend” while typing somethin’ else

1. Type “girlfriend”, “GIRLFRIEND”“boyfriend”, “BOYFRIEND” in the chat bar.

2. Congratulations lol(:

How to Type “zero?” while typing somethin’ else

1. Chat with someone on the Instant Messenger.

2. Type “You know what?”

3. Congrats lol(:

Fantage is weird how they did all this. LOL

How to Make a Blank Speech O:!!

1. Type as many spaces as you want in the chat bar.

2. You just made a blank speech bubble! (:

How to Make Your Fantagian Fly

1. Go to Creature Arena

2. Now go to where you want to fly.

3. Go to your Inventory.

4. Click “Tab” until the yellow square is over the “y” in “inventory”. Click “Enter”.

5. Now go back inside your Inventory and change your clothes.

6. Exit out and you should be able to fly. (:

How-To Fly in Sunblock

1. Go to the Sunblock at the beach.

Enter the second that little pod, close it,

2.  click any green section above the pod.

3. Your flying!!

How to IM in a Fashion Show

1. Go to Top Models Inc.

2.  Open up your Instant Messenger

3. Enter a Fashion Show or Host one.

4. Your IMing!

*Sadly it will go away when changing your clothes, so I recommend you host one lol(:

How to fly in your/someone’s house

1) Get two Fantage Avatars. Log them in

2) Whichever one you want to walk on the walls (#1), put that avatar into their inventory.

3) Once the person is in their inventory, Get on your other avatar (#2), and click on #1, and give them a sticker.

4) Go to the #1, and click view sticker. X out of your IDfone and you are invisible!!

5) Stay on #1 and click on the wall. Go into your inventory on #1 and X out and you are on the walls!

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