Girl’s Fashion Show Tips

Here are simple outfits, to get super perfect! I got this from Pixie :3

In fantage, you can enter fashion shows. What you do is go to the Top
Models place that's Downtown(to the right of the salon), and enter.
Once inside, you can click the guy with the long hair or go to the top right corner and click "Play".
After that, you will enter a walkway for models. 
You have to wait for at least 5 people to enter the fashion show.
If the host leaves, you will have to enter a different show.
will be a host and he/she will choose a theme.
A theme will soon pop up on the big screen, you will then go to your inventory and put on clothes that go with that theme.
Try not to wear the same items more than once, or else you'll lose points in Originality.
Soon and scoreboard will pop up and tell you who's in the lead and where everyone placed.
There are three rounds.
People with the lower scores will be eliminated
(depends how many on how many people entered in the first place).
At the end, there will be a Final Theme.
It is going to be different for girls and guys(obviously--unless there're only guys/girls).
The person who dresses the most like the final theme is most likely to win.
The more points you get, the more coins you earn.
If you leave a fashion show early you will not get those coins.
From FudgySwirl

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