Free eCoins

You can get free eCoins as part of the Daily Bonus now. The maximum is 500 but it only works 50%

Ways to Get Free eCoins

You’ll need an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad for this

Go to the App Store and download Fantage IDFone, Fantage Bullseye, Go Kart Racer.

Open it up and click the eCoins picture. Download the free apps. It’ll tell you how many you can get, depending on the app.

After you’ve downloaded the apps, open them and you’ll get your eCoins.

Now you’ll have eCoins added into your Fantage account for free

You can go to and do offers like surveys then transfer them into your Fantage account.

How to Get Free eCoins in Fantage

Go to your IDFone and click “earn 20 eCoins”. (This won’t always work, sometimes ads aren’t available.)

*The 20 eCoins button will also show up when you try to play a game.

You should be taken to what looks like the loading screen. A video ad will show up and you’ll have to watch it. Afterwards, click the green button on the bottom-right to redeem your eCoins.

KEEP IN MIND: eCoins generators do not work

Also there is Tapjoy, for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Tapjoy is a site for games that have things such as coins/bux/eCoins/etc. you have to pay for these stuff but in tapjoy you download free apps and get these stuff for free! over 1 million people have tried this and loved it! I use this to get eCoins, I got about 2000 eCoins from Tapjoy :D!

(First download either Fantage Bullseye for IDfone)

This works on some of your favorite apps also!


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