Fantage Picture Help

How to take a CLEAR screenshot


Windows 7 Users:

1. Go to start and search for “Snipping Tool” and crop your fantagian!

2. Ctrl + S (Save)

3. Tada! Your done

Other users please read below(:

  1. Go to where you want to take a picture

2. Hold down ctrl + print screen on a computer but on a laptop: fn + prt sc

3. Open Paint

4. Ctrl+V

5. You should see your fantagian!

6. Now click the little outlined rectangle and drag it over the section of the picture you want

7. Now right click on the selected area and click Crop.

8. Your picture should have been moved to the top-left corner and surrounded by gray area,

9. Now go to File>Save Make it .PNG (;

10. Tada! Your now complete :3


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